Underwood Digipack Edition

Two panels digipack edition available on Bandcamp

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Underwood music is made not only of sounds, but also of silences, whispers, glances. The dialogical interaction of piano and violin brings forth notes, thoughts, emotions.
Space plays with us and our instruments, offering a continuously new listening experience. Our music was recorded live in a room, take after take, thus allowing us to choose the best possible version.
Each performance – far from being perfect – is spontaneous and unique in its own right, just as spontaneous and unique was the interaction between the physical structure of the instruments and the room.
We aim for a listening that continuously renews itself, just as it would happen with the many experiences we live every day.
The 12 tracks featured on Underwood (whose titles remind of the feelings evoked by the music) have been composed by Turin-based pianist/composer Antonello Aloise, and played by Aloise himself and violinist Elena Corniolo.
We would like to thank Wstudio’s Michel Vuillermoz for his skilful and philologically respectful recordings; Laura Giai Baudissard for her careful work on the graphic design of the CD sleeve; and Alessio Zemoz for his photographic work.